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Nevada Truck Accident Lawyers

Why You Need A Top Truck Accident Attorney

If you are involved in a truck accident you could be entitled to compensation for injuries sustained, damage to vehicles, and wages lost. Being knowledgeable about your rights can ensure that justice is fully enforced and reparations are paid.

Don’t panic, stay calm. Read these notes on the steps to take after an accident.

  • Don’t compromise your own safety; be sure to clear the vehicle and road to avoid additional harm. Make contact with and get assistance from any bystanders if needed. Be sure the police have been notified as well as medical services should they be required. Report and document everything as well as taking mental note of how events transpired so that you will be able to testify later should you be required to.
  • It can be very difficult to get information from passengers or witnesses as many may try to avoid involvement. Everyone you can get to corroborate your depiction of how events transpired will go a long way in the courtroom. Also be sure to get any statements you can in writing in case people decide to change their story later, especially from the driver of the truck.
  • Next, make a call to your insurance company to report the accident. Be very thorough in reporting what happened and answering all of their questions. It is from this report that you will be negotiating with the insurance company about benefits including: medical assistance, household replacement services, mileage to and from appointments, and nursing care management.

For your own sake, be sure to hire a well versed Nevada Truck accident lawyer.

When you are in a tractor trailer accident you should seek legal guidance to ensure your case is handled correctly as there are many complicated laws and pit falls that you need to be navigated through. This holds especially true should the insurance company or opposing party wish to take the claim to court rather than settle. Trucking companies are aware of their own legal liability and typically document their employees’ hours behind the wheel along with maintenance checks. This is a major difference between a trucking accident and a typical car accident; trucking companies are very experienced in these matters and likely have a legal team readily available to them. This is a huge reason to speak with a legal representative immediately so that the big companies don’t take advantage of your naiveté.

Look over your insurance policy to ensure you are getting the coverage you paid for.

Occasionally auto insurance companies will “overlook” some of the coverage they are supposed to be providing to an accident victim. Also, many health insurance policies will co-cover you with your car insurance so that you can combine both policies and cover as much, if not all, of your medical bill balance.

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