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Should You Pursue A Personal Injury Claim?

One of the primary intentions of our legal system is to protect each individual’s personal freedoms and rights. When a violation of the laws associated with personal injury occurs, a legal specialist can ensure that your rights are defended and you receive adequate recompense. These laws are in place to protect you and your Carson City personal injury lawyer is there to make sure of that.

What is personal injury all about?

The definition of personal injury is an injury to the mind, emotions, or body where fault and compensation are determined on a case by case basis.

These are some common examples of personal injuries:

  • An injury that occurs at work including an illness or disease caused by the working environment.
  • Injuries caused by automotive accidents.
  • Injury caused by improper treatment and management at a hospital.
  • Injury received as a result of defective goods or faulty services.
  • Psychological damage caused from abuse.
  • Physical and psychological harm sustained in the course of a crime.
  • Psychological pain caused by torment or discrimination

What is the role of your personal injury lawyer?

A personal injury lawyer acts as your advisor and guide through the complicated issues that will arise when you file a claim stating you have been physically and/or psychologically injured. Regardless of the specific accident or wrongdoing, your lawyer will have the knowledge and experience to aggressively pursue your case. The specific name for this type of law is “tort law” which deals with civil wrongdoings and damages to a person’s property, reputation, or rights.

Do I need to pursue a personal injury claim?

It is your right to pursue a personal injury claim and our lawyers will provide a free consultation wherein they will give their professional opinion relating to the legitimacy of your claim. If you were the victim of a personal injury do not be afraid to take legal action, Car Accident Lawyer Pros are here to help you get the settlement you are entitled to.

What to do if a personal injury occurs:

  • If the injury resulted from an accident the first thing to do is inform the police. Next, report it to your insurance company because some policies may invalidate your case if the accident is not properly recounted.
  • Save any medical or legal documents you receive from the doctor. You have to do this even if the injury is minor as it may be requested as your case progresses, especially should you have to go to trial.
  • Keep a track record of all of your expenses which result from your injury so you can get proper compensation later.
  • Write down the events of the accident as soon as possible before your memory degrades.
  • Gather any evidence you can which relates to your personal injury.

Tips for Hiring a personal injury lawyer:

  • Contact a lawyer as soon as possible, ideally within a week or two after the accident occurrs. Waiting too long can appear as though there is no urgency, diminishing the injury’s apparent seriousness.
  • Choose wisely, make sure your lawyer is experienced in personal injury law as well as in the specifics of your case.
  • Ensure you will be able to build a good relationship and communicate openly with your lawyer, so that you can discuss your case properly.
  • Confirm you can hire a lawyer that will take your case on a contingency fee so that it will not add to your financial burden.


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