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Nevada Dog Bite Lawyers

Who Watches the Watchdog?

Dogs are known as man’s best friend because of the loyalty and affection they have shown to their owners over the generations. They are a loving face to come home to and an appreciative belly to feed. Dogs can even act as our protectors or an alarm in times of danger, however deep down in their genetic heritage they are still wild animals.

Although dogs are typically docile and friendly; when cornered, threatened, or wild nearly any dog can pose a serious danger. When a dog does attack, it can cause significant scaring and damage to whatever location it latches on to. Dog bites are rarely fatal, but life altering scars or damage are still a very real possibility. When this kind of incident occurs it is common practice to put the dog to sleep, however should the owner be responsible for the circumstances that allowed the attack to take place, then compensation for the victim is a definite possibility.

Very often the victims of dog attacks are children, some common reasons why they are targets include: the child will not realize the threat the dog poses and approach them, children will purposefully or inadvertently agitate the dog, or the dog will mistake the small size of the child for potential prey. In any of these circumstances the damage some medium and large size dogs are capable of inflicting on a child is horrific and potentially life altering.

The first step after you or someone you know is bitten by a dog is to seek medical attention. This is important both to get treatment for the wound itself but also to be tested for rabies and other diseases. After this is out of the way, you should consult with a Nevada dog bite lawyer to ensure that someone experienced in these types of cases will be your legal counsel. Once hired on, a dog bite lawyer will assist you in determining the monetary value for the emotional damage that has been sustained along with appropriate coverage for financial losses. Oftentimes compensation for emotional trauma is higher than for physical damages, especially when the victim is a young child.

While many personal injury lawyers will list dog bites in their qualifications, it is important to ensure the lawyer who represents you truly is experienced in dog bite attack cases. Having the knowledge of what is required to receive a settlement and if necessary win at trial in a dog bite case is crucial for your success.

Make sure you hire an experienced dog bite lawyer like the ones at Car Accident Lawyer Pros. We have the authority to state that our dog bite lawyers are both highly familiar with these types of cases and also possess a passion to get justice for their clients. If you have been the victim of a dog bite, then we will do what it takes to get you compensation for your medical bills as well as the emotional strain that has been placed upon you.

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