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Nevada Bus Accident Lawyers

Why Do You Need a Bus Accident Lawyer?

Studies have shown that from the years 1987 to 1996, there has been a 4.3% fatality rate in bus accident related deaths per year. These days, this type of accident does not only include public busses, but also with school busses. This is one of the reasons why there has been growing concern for the safety of children. In the United States, about 450,000 school busses transport 23.5 million elementary and secondary school children to and from school each day and these busses are not equipped with restraint systems or seatbelts. 12,000 of these children are said to be injured in a school bus accident each year, a shockingly high number. Many of these injuries are considered minor, yet there are some who unfortunately feel the effects of the accidents for the rest of their lives. Approximately 11 children a year die due to an injury from a school bus accident. Parents and families of the victims can seek legal compensation from schools or the bus manufacturer when accidents like this happen, but they must do so with the assistance of a Nevada bus accident lawyer.

Types of Bus Accidents: Public and Private Bus Accidents

Public and private busses sometimes get into accidents resulting in passenger injuries and sometimes even death. Since busses are commonly used for public transportation, they have a higher level of legal responsibility for their passengers than drivers of other types of vehicles. So, if you were injured as a passenger on a bus, you are entitled to an extra incentive when seeking compensation for your injuries.

Although busses are considered some of the safest types of public transportation in the United States, they can still get involved in accidents. The lack of seatbelts and other safety devices coupled with the size of the bus can prove deadly. A bus accident can result in upsetting and critical injuries, regardless of whether or not the accident involved multiple vehicles. Not only that but, accidents are also traumatic for the finances of the victims and their families because of the never ending medical bills that they are required to pay. Quick and appropriate compensation is what you deserve. Time is essential which is why it is best to seek legal assistance because the statute of limitation laws can hamper or even terminate your case if you delay things after the accident. It can also get complicated in claiming damages because bus companies are public figures. Having the best bus accident lawyer will surely help you deal with this ordeal and get you what you truly deserve.

Types of Bus Accidents: School Bus Accidents

The famous yellow-colored school bus is not exempt from bus accidents. School busses, which often lack the necessary safety devices like seatbelts, are in danger of being involved in a bus accident. These accidents are not new in United States, and have occurred since people started using school busses. With the help of an experienced lawyer in bus accidents, you can file claims against the bus company or the owner of the bus if you or your child has been injured in a school bus accident. This compensation is for your misery and grief, as these losses can include medical expenses, pain, suffering and emotional distress.

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