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Las Vegas Truck Crash on SR 160 Kills Passenger Raul Chagollan

LAS VEGAS, CA (June 17, 2022) – Raul Chagollan was killed last week in Las Vegas when the truck he was travelling as a passenger in crashed. The June 10 crash occurred near mile market 14, and to the east of it.

According to authorities, the truck–described as a tractor-trailer–crashed and overturned at a curve in the roadway. Authorities allege the truck was going too fast when the crash happened.

Chagollan, who had been traveling as a passenger, was killed in the crash. He was a resident of Las Vegas, 32 years old.

Authorities arrested the driver of the truck on suspicion of DUI. He was identified as Armando Lazaro Jr. Fonte.

Investigators are continuing to gather information about the crash, and working to understand the incident.

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Truck Accident

Multiple injuries from 4-Car Crash on newly opened Interstate 11 Hwy

Boulder City, NV (September 7, 2018) – An accident involving 4 vehicles, of which 2 were semitrailers, occurred Thursday morning, September 6th, on the Interstate 11 highway. Nevada Highway Patrol responded to the crash around 2 a.m. on the northbound I-11 and closed off the interstate for several hours as the damaged vehicles were removed from the scene.

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Rear-End Crash into Semi-Truck Kills 1 Man in North Las Vegas

North Las Vegas Police Department is investigating a fatal collision involving a semi-trailer truck and a small 4-door SUV in the North Las Vegas area Sunday morning, Jan. 28th. A preliminary investigation indicated that the SUV was traveling westbound on Cheyenne Avenue at a high rate of speed. At about 1:45 a.m. as the SUV approached Commerce Street, the SUV violently rear-ended a semi-trailer truck that was traveling in the same direction on Cheyenne Avenue. According to authorities, the driver was identified as a 29-year old Ernie Camarena of North Las Vegas.

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3-Year Old Dies after Crash in Moapa

A 3-year old girl is dead and 3 other children were injured when the driver of the semi-truck reportedly made an illegal left turn resulting in a crash on northbound Interstate 15 (I-15) Sunday afternoon, Nov. 19th. Nevada Highway Patrol were summoned to respond to an accident involving a blue Volvo semi-truck hauling a trailer and a red 2005 Kia van around 4:00 p.m. near mile marker 77 on I-15 in the Moapa River Indian Reservation.

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Man, 73, Killed in Moped Crash with Dump Truck

June 15th ─ a moped driver is dead after a collision involving a dump-truck late Wednesday afternoon in the northeast of Las Vegas Valley, according to Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. The incident occurred at 2:17 p.m. near South Nellis Boulevard and East Sahara Avenue. Witnesses told LVMPD officers that they saw a 1994 Freightliner Dump Truck traveling north on Nellis Boulevard crossing through Sahara Avenue when a 2016 Vespa moped traveled through Nellis Boulevard going east on Sahara Avenue and collided with the dump truck. The moped driver was ejected from his Vespa and landed on the street. Witnesses told police that the dump truck had a green light, and that the moped driver failed to stop for a red light. The accident closed the intersection for several hours as police investigated all the evidence at the scene. The driver of the dump truck did not sustain any injuries and remained at the scene until first responders arrived.

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Bicyclist Dies after Being Hit by Dump Truck in Las Vegas

June 7th ─ a bicyclist is dead after being hit by a dump trunk on Tuesday afternoon. The incident occurred around 2:00 p.m. at the intersection of South Nellis Boulevard and East Walnut Avenue as the bicyclist was crossing South Nellis Boulevard. The bicyclist failed to yield to traffic and crossed the path of a dump truck according to Metropolitan Police Department. Nellis Boulevard was closed in all directions from Bonanza Road until Walnut Avenue. No information has been released as to the identity of the bicyclist, but Metro Police say victim was in his 40s and that he was transported to University Medical Center (UMC) Trauma Unit where he was pronounced dead upon arrival. Clark County Coroner’s Office said they will release more information when the victim’s family has come forward.

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Speed and Rollover Truck Accidents


A great deal of rollover accidents are caused by driving at an excessive speed, which is even more dangerous when done in a light truck that does not have a roof with strength sufficient enough to protect the vehicle’s passengers. In a study conducted by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, they found that speed was a cause in about 45% of the rollover accidents they had studied. As the seasons change, the roads are being affected by weather conditions, now more than ever it is important to know how to stay safe from rollover accidents.

High speeds are one part of a rollover accident, but there are other factors to weigh in. The weight and height of a truck are a few of the factors that play a part in a rollover accident. The majority of rollover accidents are caused by how drivers handle curved roads. Most of the time, a driver will overestimate the safe speed to go over such a curve, resulting in a rollover. Drivers may become careless on the road if they are in a rush to get somewhere, they may not think about slowing down for a curved road. Other times, it is possible for a driver to not see the speed limit or posted road sign, causing them to continue at an excessive pace.

About a quarter of rollover accidents, related to speed, involve vehicles carrying a large amount of weight. Anytime weight is added or subtracted from a vehicle, it should be taken into account, how to safely operate that vehicle. If these changes go about with little thought, the likelihood of a rollover is greatly increased. Another speed related cause of a rollover accident is brakes. All drivers need to make sure that the brakes on their vehicles are in good condition and fit for being on the road. Regular maintenance on a vehicle is very important and will ensure that your vehicle is in top condition whenever you’re on the road.

About a tenth of the rollover accidents studied by the FMCSA were impacted by the conditions of the roads. Many drivers fail to adjust their speeds to changes in the weather, mostly in the event of rain. Turns at intersections had involvement in around a tenth of the rollover accidents as well. Turns at an intersection are very much like curves, due to the severity and speed of the turn, and they must be taken with great care.

Only about 5% of the rollover accidents were due to not adjusting speed to nearby vehicles and just a few were from worn down tires. Once again, knowing the condition of your vehicle is of paramount importance for staying safe on the road. Only two of the rollover accidents were due to sight distance.

Speed is a huge component of rollover accidents, but being knowledgeable of the many other factors can help prevent you from being involved in one. Our car accident lawyer firm can assist in any personal injury case and help you get on the right path.

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Driving Tired: Driving Drowsy and Driving Drunk Are Just As Damaging


According to a new study by AAA, driving while tired has just as many dangers as driving drunk. The study deals with the safety of drivers who are potentially driving in a tired state and the people around them.

A AAA spokesperson explained to NBC News, that a disaster is very likely to occur from drivers who choose to get on the road without enough sleep prior. The risk for an accident is double if one gets an hour less sleep then usual. As more and more hours of sleep are lost, the more the potential of danger.

The ability to navigate the road safely is greatly impaired if your sleepy. Someone who is driving in a drowsy state may find themselves yawning or even feel their eyes constantly closing.

While drowsy driving has been around for a very long time, new studies have illustrated that this is a problem that needs to be dealt with. So here are a few ways officials are trying to deal with drowsy drivers, and how you can fight against it as well.

What The Authorities Are Doing to Fight This Atrocity

Reconfigurations to the roads are being made to ensure that people do not leave them on accident.One method that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is backing greatly is the installment of rumble strips to fight impaired drivers.

Rumble strips, that are easily heard, are in the plans to be installed by the regional and state authorities. These systems are designed to make noise as a driver is in the process of a lane change. This is helpful in waking up a drowsy driver incase they start to drift off course.

Changes in the framework of the road are not the only way they are fighting drowsy driving. The NHTSA are developing many techniques to fight this.

The NHTSA is taking a proactive approach to drowsy driving, by encouraging research and working with the local governments.

What is most important is to not be driving drowsy in the first place.

Tips To Avoid Being Sleepy Behind The Wheel

To stay completely alert while driving, you must make the right decisions beforehand and during the drive. Even the rumble strips and many road safety changes wont be able to change the fact that someone is driving without sufficient energy. It’s important to create habits that are good before you drive.

First things first, make sure that you have had an adequate amount of sleep. According to the Mayo Clinic, a nightly sleep of 7-9 hours is appropriate for adults and as much as 10 hours for teens. You can sleep at any amount that works for you, but make sure you are getting enough.

Even if you feel like you do not have time to be sleeping more you should try to work it in to your schedule for your own safety.

As AAA recommends, pulling to a stop for a nap and traveling with a partner can really help keep you safer. Even caffeine is not a proper substitute for the energy gained through sleep. Coffee and energy drinks may be helpful, but should not be relied on like the advantages of proper rest.

Driving drowsy is extremely dangerous. It is a problem that can lead to severe injury and even death.

Don’t Let Driving Drowsy Affect You

The authorities are working on endless ways to fight this predicament, from improvements in technology to raising awareness through education.

The fact that driving tired is as dangerous as driving drunk is a reality and must be taken seriously.

Becoming tired while driving and falling asleep is a reality that can happen to any driver. Our car accident lawyer firm can assist in any personal injury case and help you get on the right path.