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5 People Injured on U.S. Highway 95 in Henderson

The Nevada Highway Patrol is investigating a single-vehicle rollover crash that hospitalized 5 people, including an 11-year old girl, on Highway 95 in Henderson early Monday morning, Jan. 22nd. Citing initial reports, NHP troopers responded to reports of a Ford SUV that had rolled over in a single-vehicle crash on U.S. Highway 95 southbound, near the Horizon Exit, and shortly after erupted into flames. First responders arrived to 5 injured people one of which was an 11-year old girl who was ejected from the Ford SUV during the initial rollover.

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Boy Struck by Vehicle, Critically Injured in West Las Vegas

A teenage boy is expected to survive after he was struck by a small SUV and dragged more than 300 feet in the west valley Monday afternoon, Oct. 31st. The incident occurred shortly after 3:15 p.m. when Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officers were summoned to respond to a pedestrian-vehicle accident near the intersection of West Charleston Boulevard near Indigo Drive near South Hualapai Way. According to LVMPD officers’ preliminary investigation, the vehicle, a small SUV, was turning right onto Charleston Boulevard from the southbound lane on Indigo Drive when he was struck the 14-year old boy who became trapped underneath the SUV and dragged him more than 300 feet before the vehicle stopped. Evidence suggests the boy was in a crosswalk on Indigo and the SUV had the right of way.

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Pedestrian Struck on Decatur and Charleston, Downtown Las Vegas

September 15th ─ an auto-pedestrian accident in near Downtown Las Vega, just south of Arizona Charlies Casino, has prompted the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department to investigate after the victim was left with life-threatening injuries after the collision early Thursday evening. The incident occurred just after 6:20 p.m. when LVMPD police were called to reports of a vehicle striking a pedestrian near the intersection of Decatur Boulevard and Charleston Avenue.

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Pedestrian Killed on Harmon and Paradise in Las Vegas

September 13th ─ Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department are investigating the death of an 85-year old pedestrian who was struck and killed on South Paradise Road near the Hard Rock Casino late Tuesday night. The incident occurred shortly after 11:20 p.m. near Paradise Road and Harmon Avenue, when the pedestrian, who was not in a designated crosswalk, was struck by a 1993 Ford Mustang headed north on Harmon Avenue. Detectives said the pedestrian was trying to reach his car, which was parked at the Embassy Suites across Paradise Road. The 22-year-old driver, who struck the pedestrian, called 911 and told dispatchers that he had struck a man on the road. The driver remained at the scene and police say he did not exhibit signs of impairment. The pedestrian was transported by ambulance to Sunrise Hospital where he was later pronounced dead by medical staff.

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2 Pedestrians Injured in Separate Incidents in Las Vegas

August 14th ─ Las Vegas Metropolitan Police are investigating 2 separate incidents involving pedestrians struck by vehicles in the Las Vegas Metro area Sunday evening. The 1st incident was reported around 8:00 p.m. when LVMP officers responded to a call about a pedestrian that was struck in the parking lot of a Walmart at 5198 Boulder Highway, near South Nellis Boulevard and East Harmon Avenue. According to investigators, a vehicle had swerved into another vehicle, which caused that 2nd vehicle to then hit the victim, a homeless man in his 60s. The victim suffered severe injuries including multiple compound fractures and was taken to Sunrise Trauma. His Condition is currently unknown along with his identity.

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3 Traffic Fatalities near Las Vegas Strip

June 28th ─ 3 fatalities occurred over the weekend, one involved an accident with a motorcycle and a vehicle, the other two involved accidents between pedestrians and a vehicles. The first accident occurred Friday evening around 8:06 p.m. at the intersection of El Capitan Way and Flamingo Road. Police responded to reports of a crash between a 2008 Kawasaki motorcycle and a 2005 Hyundai Elantra. According to Metro police, the motorcyclist was traveling east on Flamingo Road at a high rate of speed before colliding with the Hyundai Elantra that was traveling west on Flamingo. The Hyundai was making a left turn into an apartment complex when the accident happened. Witnesses told police that the motorcyclist was driving fast but he wasn’t exceeding the speed limit. The Hyundai Elantra driver did not seem impaired. The motorcyclist was pronounced dead at the scene and was not transported to the hospital. The driver of the Hyundai was transported to the hospital with minor injuries. The accident is still under investigation but Metro Police said that the Hyundai driver had failed to yield to the motorcyclist’s right of way which factored in the accident. It is unclear whether the Hyundai driver will face criminal charges but police remind drivers of the importance of being clear of traffic before attempting to make a turn.

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What You Should Do If You Are In A Car Accident


A car accident can take place at any given moment while on the road. Approximately 2.35 million people get injured in a car accident per year, as estimated by The Association for Safe International Road Travel. Being a pro-active driver and using caution while driving is extremely important, on the other hand knowing what to do right after a car accident is of equal importance. Here are a few tips and guidelines to make sure that if you are in an accident, you know what to do:

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Speed and Rollover Truck Accidents


A great deal of rollover accidents are caused by driving at an excessive speed, which is even more dangerous when done in a light truck that does not have a roof with strength sufficient enough to protect the vehicle’s passengers. In a study conducted by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, they found that speed was a cause in about 45% of the rollover accidents they had studied. As the seasons change, the roads are being affected by weather conditions, now more than ever it is important to know how to stay safe from rollover accidents.

High speeds are one part of a rollover accident, but there are other factors to weigh in. The weight and height of a truck are a few of the factors that play a part in a rollover accident. The majority of rollover accidents are caused by how drivers handle curved roads. Most of the time, a driver will overestimate the safe speed to go over such a curve, resulting in a rollover. Drivers may become careless on the road if they are in a rush to get somewhere, they may not think about slowing down for a curved road. Other times, it is possible for a driver to not see the speed limit or posted road sign, causing them to continue at an excessive pace.

About a quarter of rollover accidents, related to speed, involve vehicles carrying a large amount of weight. Anytime weight is added or subtracted from a vehicle, it should be taken into account, how to safely operate that vehicle. If these changes go about with little thought, the likelihood of a rollover is greatly increased. Another speed related cause of a rollover accident is brakes. All drivers need to make sure that the brakes on their vehicles are in good condition and fit for being on the road. Regular maintenance on a vehicle is very important and will ensure that your vehicle is in top condition whenever you’re on the road.

About a tenth of the rollover accidents studied by the FMCSA were impacted by the conditions of the roads. Many drivers fail to adjust their speeds to changes in the weather, mostly in the event of rain. Turns at intersections had involvement in around a tenth of the rollover accidents as well. Turns at an intersection are very much like curves, due to the severity and speed of the turn, and they must be taken with great care.

Only about 5% of the rollover accidents were due to not adjusting speed to nearby vehicles and just a few were from worn down tires. Once again, knowing the condition of your vehicle is of paramount importance for staying safe on the road. Only two of the rollover accidents were due to sight distance.

Speed is a huge component of rollover accidents, but being knowledgeable of the many other factors can help prevent you from being involved in one. Our car accident lawyer firm can assist in any personal injury case and help you get on the right path.