Sprint Unlimited Begins Saturday


The Sprint Unlimited at Daytona begins Saturday. On February 21 the regular season will begin. Many changes will take place in the new season.

The sanctioning body has adopted  a Charter system. The field has been reduced.

NASCAR officials are looking positively at the changes that are about to occur. They see new opportunities coming forward in addition to added competition for the sport.

One change is that the ‘overtime rule’ will change. A system using an ‘overtime line’ will be used. This system will contribute to the determination of the winner.

There are 36 teams with charters.

The structure of the ownership has been improved.

Authorities are proud of their team and are promoting it with hope.

NASCAR is under a billion dollar contract.

The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Hauler Parade is scheduled for March 17. It will host the Saint Paddy’s Day Fan Fest which will be free.

David Gilliland will race in the Daytona 500.

Brian Vickers has been selected for the Sprint Cup Daytona 500.

He has formerly missed races because of illness.

Todd Gilliland and Riley Herbert will open the Jet Tools 150 at New Smyrna, Florida. They indicated that this will be good preparation for future races.

The 2016 World of Outlaws campaign will open this week.

The Daytona 500 is the traditional opener for the season.

The 36 Charters have been operating for 3 years. The field, as stated, previously had been reduced to 40 cars. New owners are expected to come into the sport as a result of the improvements in ownership structure.

The NASCAR authorities expressed their deep appreciation for the owners.

Changes have been made in rules and format.

The team cited this as one of the many challenges they have faced in their 66 years of operation.

Races are generally held at the Auto Club Speedway.

The 36 teams with charters are guaranteed starting positions.

Several persons have purchased charters. Others are expected to do so in the future.

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Source:Pasadena Star News

04/06/08 Fort Worth, Texas USA. Carl Edwards d...
04/06/08 Fort Worth, Texas USA. Carl Edwards does his customary backflip following his third win of the season. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



National Independent automobile Dealers Association Con’t


III. Department of Labor

A. Misclassification of Independent Contractors

An interpretive document was published by the Administrative office regarding the classification of employees as opposed to independent contractors. This misclassification appears to be increasing. The Department of Labor has suggested that it will pursue perpetrators as the abuse continues.

Most workers, the document suggested, should be called employees.

An “economic realities test” was issued to determine the difference between the two workers.

Questions were asked as follows:

a. Does the work specifically pertain to the employers business?

b. Do the worker’s skills affect his potential for profit/loss?

c. What is the juxtaposition between the employer’s and the employee’s investment?

d. Are special skills necessary for the job?

e. Is the employee/employer relationship permanent?

f. How much control does the employer have?


VII. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

A. Fiat Chrysler Settlement

Fiat Chrysler Automotive was ordered to buy back over 500,000 cars as part of its settlement with NHTSA because it did not handle recall problems properly.

The cars were for the most part RAM pickup trucks.

FCA was to contact the owners within 60 days to let them know about the buy back. No timetable has been set for the buy back.

Recalls are listed on

FCA will repay owners the purchase price minus average depreciation.

Modifications made after the initial sale will not be included.

The company was ordered to pay 10% above the buy back price for those who chose that option whose cars had not been repaired.

In another recall Jeep  Grand Cherokee owners with 1993-1998 cars whose cars underwent the fuel tank recall which have not been repaired can trade in their cars and receive $1000 over fair market value  when buying a new Fiat or towards parts and/or service.

Grand Cherokee owners with 1993-1998 cars or Jeep Libertys (2002-007) who bring their cars in for recall remedy are eligible for a $100 gift card. Owners of Jeep Grand Cherokees (1999-2004) are eligible for a $100 gift card if they haven’t previously participated in the program when they bring their car in for inspection.

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Source: NIADA

Current (2008) logo for the United States Nati...
Current (2008) logo for the United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. It has been used since late 2006. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)