Auto Recalls May Break a Record


There have been almost 20 million vehicle safety announcements this year.

Lawsuits and the ensuing publicity about auto safety have made auto makers more aware and willing to issue recalls.

GM recently recalled 2.7 million cars and trucks in the U.S. Eleven million cars and trucks were recalled in 2014. These involve Corvettes, Sivarados, Malibus, and Cadillacs.

GM and Toyota lead the companies recalling cars. Ford, Chrysler, Honda, and Nissan also have high numbers of recalls.

European companies such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz can be added to the recall list. BMW recalled 156,000 cars.

Car manufacturers are on their way to breaking the record for auto recalls of 30.8 million which was set in 2004.

Federal fines, lawsuits, and publicity are the penalty for the sale of defective vehicles.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is being urged to force auto makers to take fast action in the recall of vehicles.

Toyota, admittedly has installed deadly safety defects and has been issued a fine of $1.2 billion.

GM is being investigated regarding the recall of 2.6 million cars for ignition switch issues. They waited over ten years to issue the recall. Their fines could exceed $1 billion.

The auto industry is becoming more and more aware of the costs in penalties and publicity that slow recalls of defective vehicles is costing. Auto makers are making an effort to become more and more alert and responsive to their responsibilities as it regards recalls.

They are not the only ones becoming more alert and aware of this issue. Law firm after law firm has taken up the issue. They are delineating this issue with expert witnesses and resources.

Industry analysts expect the number of recalls to decrease in coming years as auto makers intensify their efforts to reduce fundamental defects in the automobiles they manufacture in addition to responding more quickly with auto recalls.

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Source: LA Times