Five Car Accident Occurred Monday



An accident occurred involving five cars Monday.


One woman died and another person was injured.


The accident occurred near Sunset and Pasadena Roads.


A 2011 Honda Pilot was driving on Sunset and hit a 2003 Nissan Altima. The Altima then hit a street pole.


The Pilot went on to hit a 2007 Honda Civic which hit a 2015 Toyota Highlander in return. It also hit a 2011 Toyota Camry.


The Pilot slid on its roof until it stopped at a Post Office.


Contrary to initial reports, a semi-truck, following the Honda, did not cause the accident.


Two of the drivers were taken to a local hospital with minor injuries.


Criminal charges may be filed after the investigation is completed.



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Source: Las Vegas Sun







$40 Million Award to Family of 4 Year Old Child


Damages of $40 million were awarded to the family of 4 year old Remington Walden who died in an accident in a Jeep SUV.

Walden’s aunt was driving the Jeep when it was hit from behind and caught on fire. Because the Jeep’s gas tank is located behind the rear axle, the SUV is deemed vulnerable in a rear end accident.

Attorneys contended that the jurors acted with prejudice against the Italian-American auto maker.

Judge J. Kevin Chason indicated that no evidence had been presented to suggest prejudice.

Jim Butler Jr, Atty for the Walden family, accepted the verdict.

Approximately 75 people have died in rear-end crashes with the SUV.

1.56 million Grand Cherokees and Libertys have been recalled to install trailer hitches in them to prevent the vulnerability.

One hundred dollar gift cards are being offered to encourage owners to get trailer hitches.

One thousand dollar trade-ins are being offered to owners who would like to trade in their cars.

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Source: Las Vegas Sun

1997-2001 Jeep Cherokee photographed in USA. C...
1997-2001 Jeep Cherokee photographed in USA. Category:Jeep XJ Cherokee (Photo credit: Wikipedia)