Car Accident

Seventeen Year Old Dies in Rollover Accident

Small SUV on its side after an accident on the...
Small SUV on its side after an accident on the Great Western Highway at Bathurst, New South Wales. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



As a result of a crash in which the vehicle turned over, a seventeen year old is dead.

She was ejected from the passenger seat of a Mazda SUV Thursday evening.

The Nevada Highway Patrol said the SUV swerved, over corrected itself, swerved again, then rolled over.

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Source: Las Vegas Sun



Jet Ski’s Banned


Jet skis were banned from Marin County waters in 1997 because of their offensiveness, danger to the environment and danger to human beings.

A ban last month reiterated this ruling.

Jet Skis are involved in 55% of all personal water craft accidents while they make up less than10% of all American vessels.

They make up more accidents than those represented by drunk drivers.

Emergency room injuries from these vessels are 8.5 times higher than those from motorboats.

It is the vessels themselves that cause the accidents.

When the jet ski driver releases the throttle the craft cannot be steered and must coast several hundred feet to come to a stop.

Several people have been killed through this process. There is no rudder and no brakes.

The jet ski’s are a menace to the waters and endanger lives.

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Car Runs Into Bus Shelter



A family suffered critical to moderate injuries as a result of a car running into a bus stop shelter. The family was waiting for the bus with a few other people at the shelter.

The accident occurred on Saturday.

A silver Nissan Pathfinder crashed at the bus stop at North Rainbow boulevard, North of West Lake Mead.

The SUV ran off the road.

A mother and two children were injured. The grandmother, uninjured, accompanied the family to the hospital.

A passenger in the car and a man in the shelter also sustained minor injuries.

The driver of the car was cited for a DUI

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Source: Las Vegas Sun News




Child Struck and Killed By School Bus


A school bus struck and killed Kaylee Rene Derke who had just gotten off of it Friday afternoon. The accident occurred near Pebble Rock Drive and Ann Road.

This was the only fatality or injury in the accident.

Alcohol and drugs do not appear to be a factor in the accident.

The driver of the bus, Leslie Rice, 46, was a substitute driver.

Reports are that Rice was distraught after the accident.

School spokesperson, Amanda Fulkerson, expressed sympathies to the Derke family.

An investigation is ongoing.

There have been complaints about the safety of the bus stop. The accident site was marked by a memorial of flowers, cards, and stuffed animals.

Kaylee was described as being “a ray of sunshine” and having “a friendly smile and positive personality.

The school held a “very, very emotional” meeting designed to support Kaylee’s family.

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Source: Las Vegas Sun Times

The crossing arm can be seen in use. Note the ...
The crossing arm can be seen in use. Note the presence of the rotated yellow bar on the front bumper. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)