Possible DUI Runs Into Palm Tree

A man who is suspected of driving under the influence ran into a palm tree near Charleston and Valley View Boulevards.

The driver, 34, hit the median curb of Valley view and the car began to spin around. The car slid over to the other side of the road then crossed a grassy area and hit a palm tree.

The driver had to be removed from the car and was taken to a local hospital.

Valley View was closed for five hours due to the accident.

The accident is being investigated as a possible DUI.

Photo taken of a Arecaceae tree (Palm Tree).
Photo taken of a Arecaceae tree (Palm Tree). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Source: Las Vegas Sun


Bicycle Involved in Accident With Automobile


An automobile and a bicycle were involved in an accident around 2:45 p.m. Monday near Tropicana Avenue and Boulder Highway. Northbound Boulder Highway was shut down at Tropicana Avenue as a result of the accident.

The bicyclist was hospitalized.

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Source: Las Vegas Sun

English: Eastbound Tropicana Avenue (State Rou...
English: Eastbound Tropicana Avenue (State Route 593) near McCarran Airport in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Wrongful Death

Six Year Old Dies and Two Other Children are Injured in Pedestrian Accident


The family of Mia Decker, 6,who lost her life in a fatal auto accident, does not seek revenge.

Mia and two friends were walking in a marked crosswalk.

Alice Alava, the driver, had her license suspended for two years and was ordered to pay $5,000.

Alava pleaded no contest to misdemeanor charges.

Alava was 78 years old when the accident happened. She was driving on Camino Eldorado near Tropical Parkway.

Mia lost her life. The two other children were taken to the hospital and released. One of the children suffered brain damage.

Alyssa, 6, the child who suffered brain damage, was said to be responding like a two year old.

Alava apologized to the families and appeared to experience remorse.

The charges against Alava will remain on her record forever. She hadn’t had a driving violation for 30 years.

Mia’s family stated their satisfaction with the sentencing, saying, “Nothing is going to bring her back.”home-intro3


Pedestrian Fatalities Were Down in Las Vegas


Pedestrian fatalities are down in Las Vegas since 2010 when 20 pedestrians were killed.

There have been just 15 in 2011 as of October 30.

The number of traffic fatalities is also down, numbering 56 deaths in 2011 as opposed to 63 in 2010 and 75 in 2009.

The number of car accidents is up, numbering 19,132 accidents in 2011. In 2010 there were 18,928 accidents.

Part of the increase in traffic related deaths is due to an increase in alcohol related accidents.

Cell phones and electronic devices also cause a distraction, Sargent Richard Strader said.

He asked both pedestrians and drivers to use common sense.

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Source: Las Vegs Sun

Yield Here to (image of pedestrian) and In-str...
Yield Here to (image of pedestrian) and In-street pedestrian crossing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)