The Southern Nevada Traffic Safety Committe Meets

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A group of police personnel and community members got together Tuesday at Metro’s downtown headquarters to discuss traffic safety.

Metro Sheriff Joe Lombordo encouraged the group to make suggestions.

The group is called The Southern Nevada Traffic Safety Committee.

Nevada Senator Mark Manendo, D-Las Vegas related his plan for legislation to address leaving the scene of an accident.

Metro’s DUI’s were down21% compared to 2013. There was also a 38% decrease in DUI fatalities.

Community members want officials to focus more on traffic safety for pedestrians.

The coalition wants Metro to focus on community education.

Lt. David Jacoby commented that law enforcement agencies are working with fewer resources.

Metro holds several community education events yearly and teaches traffic safety to schools and businesses on a regular basis.

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Source: Las Vegas Sun


Retired Fighter Pilot Crashes and Dies


A retired fighter pilot, Lee Behel, past champion at Reno National Champions Air Races, died in an accident Monday at a heat race at Reno-Stead Airport.

He was competing in the Sport Class in his race plane, “Sweet Dreams”, an experimental GP-5.

The plane had a mechanical difficulty and crashed.

Behel was the only person on the single engine plane.

The crash occurred away from the grandstands where a previous crash had taken place in 2011 in which pilot, Jimmy Leewark, died.

Behel had been participating in the air races for over 20 years.

He was described as talented, enthusiastic, and a compassionate friend.

It is said that he will be missed, “…deeply”.

Thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends.

The cause of the accident remains unknown. It will be under investigation.

The Air Races will continue.

A tribute for Behel is being planned.

Behel was a resident of San Jose, California. He was a retired auto dealer.

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Source: Reno Gazette Journal

English: Martin-Baker M.B.5 replica, undergoin...
English: Martin-Baker M.B.5 replica, undergoing construction at Reno Stead Airport. Photo by , taken at the 2005 Reno Air Races. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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Two Children Hit By Cars in Two Days In Same Crosswalk


South Jones Boulevard is known by local school children as a dangerous street to cross. There is a memorial placed at the median. Children ride their bikes and walk to school along this route to Sawyer Middle School. The speed limit is 45 miles per hour.

Cameron Demeranville, 13 years old, was hit by a car there, Friday, and died.

A 15 year old from Durango High School was hit there one day before. He was listed in critical condition at the hospital to which he was taken.

There are no street signs or street lights at the cross walk. Students cross the street alone.

A two mile policy has been in force at Sawyer for approximately 25 years. Students who live far away from the campus may be bussed. Those who live closer than two miles must walk or be accompanied by an adult.

This policy saves schools in that area $300 million per year. It is not likely to change.

In 2013, 60 pedestrians were killed on county roads in the U.S.

The Principal of Sawyer sent a letter home to parents encouraging traffic safety and safety in crossing streets.

There is an on going investigation in the Demeranville death.

The county public works department would have to initiate any changes as far as street lights or street signs are concerned for that intersection.

A traffic light was installed in 2013 after the death of Helen Liu, 14 years old, who was hit at Blue Diamond Road and Cimarron Road.

Maquoketa Middle School
Maquoketa Middle School (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

New Metro Police Guidelines Make Consumers Suffer

New guidelines for Metro Police went into effect 3/3/2014.


According to the new guidelines officers can no longer respond to traffic accidents. They are now free to pursue law breakers and give out tickets. They no longer accept accident reports. Those who have had an accident must turn in a form to the Department of Motor Vehicles.


One month later, police say they have responded to 20% less accidents.


On occasion a personal injury attorney will take cases from people who are having difficulty getting insurance. Insurance companies say they are spending costly time trying to determine who is at fault. Without a police report, this is impossible.


It is a temptation for the consumer to walk away from the accident without reporting it.


Who has responsibility for addressing accidents on the road? There could be lengthy litigation for any accident.


One question is whether insurance companies or lawyers benefit the most from the guidelines. In any event it looks like the consumer loses.


A few weeks prior to the guidelines being enacted Clark County Commissioners rejected a request for more police officers.


Fatalities have been reduced by 31% as of March 11, 2014. The goal is to reduce accidents.


There are alternative approaches to funding the shortage of officers.


This policy is common to several other areas such as Reno and Los Angeles.

Cop doing his job.
Cop doing his job. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The 911 system has become a hindrance as opposed to a help because of the volume of calls. Some changes are in order.

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Source: Las Vegas Sun