Accidents Can Be Prevented By Good Maintenance


Your car’s condition could cause an accident.

Vehicles are built to perform. It’s the maintenance of the car which is the key.

Condition of the brakes motor, steering gear, wheel alignment, and tires is important.

Most car owners wait until it’s too late.

Accidents, according to Walter Hayduk, PHD, are often preventable if the driver is sober and alert. He recommends that car owners read the owner’s manual.

Sometimes new car owners get overly confident.

Hayduk says helmuts for drivers may be required in the future.

Result of a serious automobile accident
Result of a serious automobile accident (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Source: Reno Journal


Smog Checking


A customer failed a smog check and was told by the technician to take the car to a Department of Motor Vehicles-Certified 2 G station. The customer found a list of repair shops on the Internet, found a repair shop, and received an estimate of $1,344.75. The customer had to get her Nevada registration renewed in about a week and needed her smog check, to be approved. The customer opted to take the car to another repair shop. They fixed it. The charge was $100.91

The customer saved $1,243.84.

It all had to do with the computer that was installed on the car, the method the repair shop used for fixing the car, and giving the estimate.

The story depicts how dependent we are on our auto mechanics and technicians.

The smog checks are federally regulated.

It takes a thinking mechanic to fix a car; not just a parts changer.

Honesty is always the best policy. The consumer should always look for that.

It is possible to get a smog check waiver.

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Source: Las Vegas Weekly

Sign No. 270 – no traffic allowed due to smog
Sign No. 270 – no traffic allowed due to smog (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An Increase in Pedestrian Fatalities

Nevada quarter
Nevada quarter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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There were 540 pedestrian auto accidents which occurred in Nevada involving injuries in 1986. There were 27 fatalities. Nineteen of them were in Clark county.

There were 506 pedestrian auto accidents which occurred involviing injuries in 1987 in Nevada. Forty-two fatalities occurred. Thirty-two of these occurred in Nevada.

Nevada also has the largest number of bicycle deaths. Five fatalities occurred in Nevada.

The National Highway Patrol doesn’t know why the numbers are so high.

In  many cases the victim was crossing against the light or disobeying street lights.

The outcome for a pedestrian in an auto accident can only be grave.

Pedestrians may feel that the lighting system is confusing while others simply take their life into their hands.

Young children and the aged are the primary victims. Children generally fall below the car when short because of their height.

Thelma Smid of the Nevada Safety Council feels many visitors may be distracted because of the sight seeing attractions.

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Source: Las Vegas Sun

Motorcycle Accident

Two Killed in Motorcycle Accident

Las Vegas 12/20/2014

A motorcyclist and the driver of the car with which it collided were killed in an accident which occurred Saturday, December 20, 2014.

In addition a child was sent to the hospital as a result of the accident after being thrown from the car.

The accident occurred on Valley View Boulevard at Capella Ave near Desert Inn Rd.

Metro’s fatal accident unit was sent to the scene of the accident to investigate.

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Source: Las Vegas Sun

Motorcycle Accident
Motorcycle Accident (Photo credit: Wikipedia)