School Bus Hit By Car

A school bus was hit by a car on Friday afternoon, March 28, 2014. Police were on the scene immediately in the Washoe County accident. There were no injuries.

The car tried to pass the bus.

The accident happened around Sharlonda Avenue and Avenida de Landa in Reno.

Authories were present around 3:00 p.m.

An unknown number of children were on the bus.

Authorities reported that accidents such as these usually fall under the jurisdiction of the Washoe County School Police.




Two Teens Found Dead From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Two teens, Alondra (Ali) Rivera and Zachary Dwyer were found dead in their Toyota 4Runner this past week. The carbon monoxide poisoning resulted from a faulty exhaust pipe, said the Lyon County Sherriff’s Office. The car had been running for two hours. Their deaths were said to have been an accident.

Both of the teens, 16, attended Fernley High School.

More than 800 classmates, family and friends gathered for a memorial in the high school gym to view the photos of the dearly beloved Saturday, January 11, 2014.

Alondra was described as being a friendly extroverted type while Zachary was described as being more introverted and quiet. He was said to be a lover of music and his guitar.

An aluminum can recycling drive was organized to benefit the families. The family is also accepting donations.

2006-2007 Toyota 4Runner photographed in USA. ...
2006-2007 Toyota 4Runner photographed in USA. Category:Fourth-gen Toyota 4Runner (Photo credit: Wikipedia)