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Tips For Safe Holiday Travel

December 21, 2016 | Filed under: Blog, Car Accident, Motorcycle Accident, Negligence, Personal Injury, Safety Tips, Truck Accident, Wrongful Death


During the holidays, you may be shopping for gifts and spending time with family, but you are probably driving around to get to all these places. Following safe driving techniques during the holidays should be a top concern for anybody on the road.

This time of year there tends to be more people on the road, with more people in each individual car. These two factors raise tension on the street and increase the probability of an accident.

By taking proper procedure on the road, one can make sure their holiday commutes are less stressful and safer overall. Now here are a few things to keep in mind before and after getting on the road during the holiday season.

The Weather Is Different

Depending on where you are traveling to, your preparation will most likely be varied. Drivers in certain areas may not face the dangers of icy roads or snow, but chances are that they will come across problems such as sleet, hail and even freezing rain. These can be very dangerous occurrences and are likely to take place.

According to the National Weather Service, slick roadways are a product of freezing rain and sleet. Also, freezing rain comes down as a liquid and has the potential to breakdown branches of trees and power lines. These are hazards no matter how far you are traveling.

The dangers of hail are plentiful, and it’s a danger that can occur at any time during the year. Hail can be tricky to avoid while driving, but if one can find an area to cover themselves and their car, that would be sufficient.

In some areas snow is extremely likely and expected. AAA suggests for driver safety, that one should make sure that they accelerate and decelerate slower than usual because slick ground is more difficult to stop on.

People Are Moving Along With The Weather

Many holiday travelers are migrating to a warmer area during this time of year, in an effort to escape their hometowns treacherously cold conditions. There are many different areas where people may be traveling, to enjoy the sunny weather during a colder time of year. Many places have to prepare for the high influx of travelers coming into their city.

Many drivers will be on the roads that are not familiar with the area. This can be dangerous because these drivers are more likely to make a mistake. This is one holiday travel issue but, unfortunately, there are more.

This time of year, during travel, many families with kids cram into cars as they are off to see family and friends. In a packed car, overflowing amounts of luggage may end up on the roof of one’s car, making the possibility of debris on the road a real concern.

Make Sure You Are Bringing What You Need

As you travels and plan to stay somewhere for a few days, you will most likely want to keep to bringing just your basic necessities. On the other hand, there are children, and they tend to want to bring everything under the sun, from bikes to all their electronics. You might also be traveling with presents for your friends and family members.

If you think this is just you, you are definitely not alone, many people will be traveling on the road these holidays with a plethora of goods. As a driver, you should make sure that you watch out for other drivers on the road and keep a safe distance, in case something flies off one of their cars.

The holiday season is a time of joy, but to make the best out of it one needs to take the proper precautions. Our car accident lawyer firm can assist in any personal injury case and help you get on the right path.

Driving Tired: Driving Drowsy and Driving Drunk Are Just As Damaging

December 13, 2016 | Filed under: Blog, Car Accident, Negligence, Personal Injury, Safety Tips, Truck Accident, Wrongful Death


According to a new study by AAA, driving while tired has just as many dangers as driving drunk. The study deals with the safety of drivers who are potentially driving in a tired state and the people around them.

A AAA spokesperson explained to NBC News, that a disaster is very likely to occur from drivers who choose to get on the road without enough sleep prior. The risk for an accident is double if one gets an hour less sleep then usual. As more and more hours of sleep are lost, the more the potential of danger.

The ability to navigate the road safely is greatly impaired if your sleepy. Someone who is driving in a drowsy state may find themselves yawning or even feel their eyes constantly closing.

While drowsy driving has been around for a very long time, new studies have illustrated that this is a problem that needs to be dealt with. So here are a few ways officials are trying to deal with drowsy drivers, and how you can fight against it as well.

What The Authorities Are Doing to Fight This Atrocity

Reconfigurations to the roads are being made to ensure that people do not leave them on accident.One method that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is backing greatly is the installment of rumble strips to fight impaired drivers.

Rumble strips, that are easily heard, are in the plans to be installed by the regional and state authorities. These systems are designed to make noise as a driver is in the process of a lane change. This is helpful in waking up a drowsy driver incase they start to drift off course.

Changes in the framework of the road are not the only way they are fighting drowsy driving. The NHTSA are developing many techniques to fight this.

The NHTSA is taking a proactive approach to drowsy driving, by encouraging research and working with the local governments.

What is most important is to not be driving drowsy in the first place.

Tips To Avoid Being Sleepy Behind The Wheel

To stay completely alert while driving, you must make the right decisions beforehand and during the drive. Even the rumble strips and many road safety changes wont be able to change the fact that someone is driving without sufficient energy. It’s important to create habits that are good before you drive.

First things first, make sure that you have had an adequate amount of sleep. According to the Mayo Clinic, a nightly sleep of 7-9 hours is appropriate for adults and as much as 10 hours for teens. You can sleep at any amount that works for you, but make sure you are getting enough.

Even if you feel like you do not have time to be sleeping more you should try to work it in to your schedule for your own safety.

As AAA recommends, pulling to a stop for a nap and traveling with a partner can really help keep you safer. Even caffeine is not a proper substitute for the energy gained through sleep. Coffee and energy drinks may be helpful, but should not be relied on like the advantages of proper rest.

Driving drowsy is extremely dangerous. It is a problem that can lead to severe injury and even death.

Don’t Let Driving Drowsy Affect You

The authorities are working on endless ways to fight this predicament, from improvements in technology to raising awareness through education.

The fact that driving tired is as dangerous as driving drunk is a reality and must be taken seriously.

Becoming tired while driving and falling asleep is a reality that can happen to any driver. Our car accident lawyer firm can assist in any personal injury case and help you get on the right path.

New Legislation for Drones

May 6, 2016 | Filed under: Blog


Due to the relatively recent preponderance of drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s) the danger of aerial collisions has increased.

A bill has been introduced in Congress to prevent these occurrences. The bill, the Federal Aviation Administration re-authorization bill is under consideration in the Senate.

The bill contains strict regulations for commercial and hobby drones. This type of regulation is way over due.

Safety standards would comprise one aspect of the bill. One goal for the legislation is to keep drones from flying into restricted airspace. This capability called geo-fencing is being included in some models of UAV’s.

Another aspect of the legislation would require owners and operators of UAV’s to be identified by the government.

One UAV was found to be flying at 5000 feet while regulations state that they are not supposed to fly over 400 feet. Many UAV’s are reported to fly close to airplanes.

UAV’s are supposed to be registered but not many of them are. For that reason they cannot be identified.

A stricter registration process will have to be put into place. Regulation of the industry is necessary.

Approximately 7 million UAV’s will have been sold in the US by 2020.

The UAV market exploded overnight. The dangers of the proliferation of the UAV market are manifold. They have been discovered in dangerous restricted areas.

The bill provides for federal regulation of the UAV preventing conflicts between state and local legislation. There should be however some room for state and local control.

The legislation would regulate manufacturing, safety standards, and the use of air space.

The implications of the broader use of UAV’s in the future is unknown. These implications include the many potential uses of the UAV’s and the potential risk factors involved in using them.

The use of UAV’s is anticipated to include the delivery of consumer products, among other uses, in the future. It is possible that cities and localities will provide for UAV thoroughfares and pathways.

The Consumer Drone Safety Act sponsored by Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) helped in the development of the legislation.

Interest is in limiting federal control and giving some control to states and localities in the regulation of the UAV’s.

If you need a car accident lawyer call at 877-722-9777

A MQ-9 Reaper unmanned aerial vehicle prepares...

A MQ-9 Reaper unmanned aerial vehicle prepares to land after a mission in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. The Reaper has the ability to carry both precision-guided bombs and air-to-ground missiles. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Source:LA Times

Sprint Unlimited Begins Saturday

February 24, 2016 | Filed under: Blog


The Sprint Unlimited at Daytona begins Saturday. On February 21 the regular season will begin. Many changes will take place in the new season.

The sanctioning body has adopted  a Charter system. The field has been reduced.

NASCAR officials are looking positively at the changes that are about to occur. They see new opportunities coming forward in addition to added competition for the sport.

One change is that the ‘overtime rule’ will change. A system using an ‘overtime line’ will be used. This system will contribute to the determination of the winner.

There are 36 teams with charters.

The structure of the ownership has been improved.

Authorities are proud of their team and are promoting it with hope.

NASCAR is under a billion dollar contract.

The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Hauler Parade is scheduled for March 17. It will host the Saint Paddy’s Day Fan Fest which will be free.

David Gilliland will race in the Daytona 500.

Brian Vickers has been selected for the Sprint Cup Daytona 500.

He has formerly missed races because of illness.

Todd Gilliland and Riley Herbert will open the Jet Tools 150 at New Smyrna, Florida. They indicated that this will be good preparation for future races.

The 2016 World of Outlaws campaign will open this week.

The Daytona 500 is the traditional opener for the season.

The 36 Charters have been operating for 3 years. The field, as stated, previously had been reduced to 40 cars. New owners are expected to come into the sport as a result of the improvements in ownership structure.

The NASCAR authorities expressed their deep appreciation for the owners.

Changes have been made in rules and format.

The team cited this as one of the many challenges they have faced in their 66 years of operation.

Races are generally held at the Auto Club Speedway.

The 36 teams with charters are guaranteed starting positions.

Several persons have purchased charters. Others are expected to do so in the future.

If you need a car accident lawyer call at 877-72-9777

Source:Pasadena Star News

04/06/08 Fort Worth, Texas USA. Carl Edwards d...

04/06/08 Fort Worth, Texas USA. Carl Edwards does his customary backflip following his third win of the season. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


National Independent automobile Dealers Association Con’t

February 18, 2016 | Filed under: Blog


III. Department of Labor

A. Misclassification of Independent Contractors

An interpretive document was published by the Administrative office regarding the classification of employees as opposed to independent contractors. This misclassification appears to be increasing. The Department of Labor has suggested that it will pursue perpetrators as the abuse continues.

Most workers, the document suggested, should be called employees.

An “economic realities test” was issued to determine the difference between the two workers.

Questions were asked as follows:

a. Does the work specifically pertain to the employers business?

b. Do the worker’s skills affect his potential for profit/loss?

c. What is the juxtaposition between the employer’s and the employee’s investment?

d. Are special skills necessary for the job?

e. Is the employee/employer relationship permanent?

f. How much control does the employer have?


VII. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

A. Fiat Chrysler Settlement

Fiat Chrysler Automotive was ordered to buy back over 500,000 cars as part of its settlement with NHTSA because it did not handle recall problems properly.

The cars were for the most part RAM pickup trucks.

FCA was to contact the owners within 60 days to let them know about the buy back. No timetable has been set for the buy back.

Recalls are listed on

FCA will repay owners the purchase price minus average depreciation.

Modifications made after the initial sale will not be included.

The company was ordered to pay 10% above the buy back price for those who chose that option whose cars had not been repaired.

In another recall Jeep  Grand Cherokee owners with 1993-1998 cars whose cars underwent the fuel tank recall which have not been repaired can trade in their cars and receive $1000 over fair market value  when buying a new Fiat or towards parts and/or service.

Grand Cherokee owners with 1993-1998 cars or Jeep Libertys (2002-007) who bring their cars in for recall remedy are eligible for a $100 gift card. Owners of Jeep Grand Cherokees (1999-2004) are eligible for a $100 gift card if they haven’t previously participated in the program when they bring their car in for inspection.

If you need a car accident lawyer call at 877-722-9777

Source: NIADA

Current (2008) logo for the United States Nati...

Current (2008) logo for the United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. It has been used since late 2006. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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